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Now, for some this may be a non-issue, but a big part of my culture is the cuisine. As a matter of fact, some Haitian immigrants never become accustomed to eating non-Haitian dishes regardless of the time spent abroad.

I, for one, do not have this problem ;-) . I enjoy trying new foods and am always trying to introduce my family to different dishes. My husband will humour me to some extent and I think he has actually come to really appreciate dishes from other cultures. However, I have found that fast foods are really hard to compete with, especially with a five year-old, as children are constantly bombarded with commercials, etc.

Although I remember my mom making an effort to be somewhat flexible with what we ate, it feels like I spent the majority of my childhood eating rice, beans and chicken. I am now convinced that this kept me “healthy” and hope to include these staples in my children’s diets as much as possible. For now, my daughter’s favorite dish is bean sauce (sauce pois), rice and chicken. Our ten month old has yet to decide :-P .

Is it important for your children to be familiar with foods traditional to your family? If so, how do you ensure this (i.e. how often do you prepare these foods, how strongly do you push them to eat them)? How do you handle the stiff competition?

Most importantly, feel free to share any recipes for dishes that are popular with kids. 
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