Negotiating wine with my kid

Three year-old: Mommy! What is dat?! *points finger at my drink*

Me: What?

Him: Dat!

Me: Oh, that’s my drink.

Him: What’s his name?

Me: What’s it called?

Him: Yeah.

Me: It’s called wine.

Him: Wine?! Wiiinnee!!!

Me: Yes.

Him: It’s juice.

Me: No, it’s wine.

Him: It’s juice wine.

Me: No, it’s wine.

Him: Can I have some?

Me: No.

Him: Just a little bit. *displays “little bit” with his two fingers*

Me: No.

Him: A little tiny bit.*makes space between his fingers even smaller*

Me: No.

Him: Just one, Mommy. *puts up his index finger to show me one*

Me: No.

Him: Only 1. *puts his index finger closer to my face*

Me: No.

Him: Aaaaawww. Okay.

Note: If it weren’t alcohol, I would’ve given in after the second “no”. The kid is persistent.

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