Does this ever happen at your house?

My daughter is in her room doing her homework and my son *should be* in the living room playing with his toys. I’m in my room trying to escape, ahem read.

Daughter: Mooommmmyyyyyy, Kharl’s bothering me!!!

Me: Kharl, leave Sissy alone. She’s doing her homework.

Son: Okkaayyy!!!

2 minutes later…chaos

Son: Sissy! I have a supwize for yooouuu!!!

Daughter: Kharl, leave me alone! You’re going to get me in trouble!

Son: Sissy lookit! Sissy lookit!

Daugther: Mommie! Kharl is still booothering meeee!!!

Me: Khhaaarrrrlllll!

Son: Mommyyyyyyy! Sissy called you stoooppidd!

Mind you, this all occurs at about 1 billion decibels (I don’t really know how to measure sound, but you get the picture). It’s amazing I’ve yet to go crazy…at least that’s what the voices in my head keep telling me.

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