A bubble would be nice right now

I’m sure there was a time when expats had to wait weeks or even months to hear news about what was going on back home. You know, something goes down and you have to wait for a telegram or a letter via snail mail to learn about the news. You ended up living in a sort of expat bubble where by the time you got the news so much time had passed it didn’t shock as much. After opening up Yahoo! at 9:30 on Saturday night to see that Whitney Houston was dead at the age of 48, I really wanted to go back to those times. I’m usually not that effected by celebrity deaths, because I

Bubble World Reflectionalways think – well, I didn’t really know them. But, something was different with Whitney (yes, we were on a first name basis). I mean, regardless of all the trouble that she has had in the past and how uncouth her behavior has been in public, this woman had a gift.

When I was a little girl growing up in Marin County, you sang “The Greatest Love of All” to prove your singing chops. As a matter of fact, one of our first trips to the Pier 39 recording studio (remember those!), our souvenir was a cassette of a group of my friends and I singing that song. My sister and I rocked out the “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” every night after she received the record for her birthday. Then of course, the infamous Bodyguard song. Even though she had this celestial voice, it always came off so natural. I’ve never heard her “over sing” like so many other talented singers. It was just incomparable.

The weird thing is that during my trip to Boston, I rediscovered a couple of her songs and for the past few weeks, “One Moment in Time” has been my morning anthem. Even though it was originally written for the Olympic Games, the lyrics for that song are applicable for so many different stages in life.

I know that many people are speculating on the cause of death and saying things like “well, we all saw this one coming”, but I really didn’t. I had hope for her. After seeing her interview with Oprah in 2009, I pictured her having a great comeback and then growing old gracefully. But, alas…

May she have a restful sleep.

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