Afro vs. black vs. whatever other label

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter on Twitter about afro-latinism. For the most part, they’re coming from Puerto-Ricans whose diversity is often an issue. When I say diversity I mean they range (like many Latin Americans) from caucasian-looking to black. It’s amazing what post-colonial issues are still lurking in many of these cultures because as far as I’m concerned this is a non-issue. Nonetheless, it’s still a very big issue that people; especially young ones are trying to figure out. Label bag

I remember while working in social services in Florida reading a state-issued application that separated Hispanic into “white or white Cuban”. I seriously thought it was a mistake. What differentiated a white Cuban from an Afro Cuban (also their words) when it came to social services. Or better yet, what did the government do with these categories after collecting this information over time. I also disagree with the Census collecting information regarding race because at the end of the day, what does it matter. How could knowing the racial makeup of an area change the way the government will provide services. The only information that should affect that are socio-economic factors like income, family size, etc.

I wonder if we start moving away from a culture of racial labels if that will in turn change how we see each other. Instead of a young, black male, we see a young man. Instead of a Latina judge, she’s a judge. We can simply relinquish labels to filing systems and accessories.

Am I right or am I right?

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