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Busy bee loves lavender I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks. But, it’s been a good busy. In addition to helping out a lot at the Embassy, I’ve sped up my Spanish course and am organizing a reception for my daughter’s First Holy Communion.

About the Embassy business: What can I say about this. I’ve become a jack of all trades and chip in with anything from cultural affairs to administration. It’s so varied, I have yet to figure out how to add any of this to my resume.

About the Spanish course: Ok, I’ve been going at it for 2 years and I’m in module 11 of 12. At this point, it would be a shame to quit, so I’m going to finish it. Instead of going twice a week, I go everyday – which was supposed to make it go by faster, but it’s starting to feel like I’ll neeevvveeerrrr finish. I will though. And when I’m done, all my posts here will be written in Spanish to prove my fluency Lengua fuera

About the First Communion: This is an exciting time for our family. I haven’t been religious for years, but this is a huge rite of passage in the Haitian culture. I’m sad that we’re far from close friends and family because they’re what makes this day even more memorable. However, it’s nice to be able to keep the celebration to a small group of people and I think that will add some intimacy to what can sometimes be overwhelming for the child.

What this means for Balanced Melting Pot: I will keep writing when I have time (I definitely am not at a loss for ideas) and it will continue to be sporadic most likely up until mid June. Even doing a million things a day and not knowing where the time goes, I still miss writing here.

Random fact: my name means bee in Greek Sabelotodo

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