A comparison it is not

I try to avoid comparing places (it’s a slippery slope for expats), but I couldn’t help but compare and contrast Quito and Caracas. One of the major differences though is that Quito’s urban planning is much better organized. The hotel where we stayed (Swissotel) is in the business district with most of the government offices. Then there’s a historical center, which reminds is very colonial and typical of the Caribbean (I assume Latin America, also). These were some of my favorite structures from the historical center…

Hotel managed by the Swissotel

La CompaƱia de Jesus

Side street in the historical center

By the way, I realized that I have said nothing about Ecuadorians in all my ranting and raving. I had heard that they were very warm and friendly, but they really surpassed my expectations. In terms of customer service – well it’s the best I’ve seen thus far (take that with a grain of salt because I have yet to visit most of Latin America).

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